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Friday 7th July 2023 departure 15,30 free for the inscribed to the rally

Visit to the tower and the museum "HE TOWER AND THE RIVER"

The symbol of the village, which makes its appearance unmistakable, is the ancient medieval tower of the twelfth century, declared national monument. It has recently been restored and brought to its original grandeur: the monument is in fact 27 meters high. Following the internal restorations, completed in 2013, the museum "La Torre e il Fiume" was set up, a fascinating vertical path that tells the story of the tower of Masio and the towers of the territory. The route continues renewing the link with the Tanaro that dominates the Maiese landscape to end with the exit on the top to admire the river, the hills of Monferrato and the Alexandrian plain.


Saturday 8th July 2023 departure at free for the inscribed to the rally

Between the Province of Alessandria and Asti there is a strange and somewhat remote village populated by less than 300 souls: Maranzana. Maranzana lived in anonymity until some time ago when something happened that intrigued visitors and tourists. From the ghost town now Maranzana is known as the country of "babaci", dialect word for "puppets". In every corner of the country these "babaci" bring to life different scenes of real life. Their peculiarity is that they are made with recycled materials and fabrics by the citizens of Maranzana themselves. Following an aperitif at the Cantina Sociale di Maranzana-


Saturday 8th July 2023 departure at 10.30 am
participation reserved to the inscribed to the rally
compulsory reservation € 25.00 PP
Fubine Monferrato visit to an INFERNOT and climb tothe bell tower of the church
Initially simply called Fubine, it assumed its current name on February 14th, 2017 as per resolution of the Regional Council of Piedmont following the request made by the City Council of the village itself. The Infernot of Fubine Monferrato are among the most spectacular of the whole Monferrato territory and is the village that has the greatest concentration. Fubine Monferrato is considered one of the villages of the Infernot del Monferrato circuit declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Infernot is a small underground chamber carved into a sedimentary rock called "Pietra da Cantoni" used to store bottled wine due to its constant temperature and humidity. To end the visit there is a climb to the bell tower of the church from where you can enjoy the magnificent spectacle of the Monferrato landscape ...